Flute Teaching

Bridget is Part-Time Lecturer and Head of Woodwinds in the Stellenbosch University Music Department, including lecturing in flute, Baroque traverso, woodwind pedagogy, repertoire studies and orchestral studies, directing wind ensembles, and supervising research. She is highly sought after as a flute pedagogue, and many of her former students have excelled in competitions and in overseas studies, won scholarships for study abroad, and now occupy key performance, entrepreneurial, and educational positions in the South African music sector. Bridget serves on the committee of the Forum for Instrumental and Vocal Teaching of the International Society for Music Education (ISME).

Movement and Wellness

Master Classes
Master Classes at universities, high schools and festivals demonstrating strategies to prevent discomfort, pain and injury, and promote facility. These classes address body use to enhance technique, breathing, expression, tone and playing ease.

Workshops and presentations
Practical strategies for students and professionals to decrease tension, improve technique, free breathing, enhance musicianship, reduce discomfort or pain, prevent injury, and for anyone to use the body more effectively, move more freely and improve posture.

These can be tailored and titled according to the specific needs of the participants. Contact Bridget for further information on workshop titles.

Presentation of the 6 — 15 hour Course:
What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body® or portions of the course as requested.

For Teachers
Pedagogical consultations/workshops/clinics for professionals, lecturers and teachers.

Individual consultations
Individual sessions for students, performers, teachers and lecturers seeking help with movement related problems that interfere with performance, teaching or other work, such as: poor postural habits, tension, technical limitations, injury, pain, or discomfort. These sessions are personalized and will focus on your needs: for example, breathing, practicing, performance anxiety, computer use issues or whatever you are most interested in.